A partner is a group, organization, or other foundation that shares PINASOL Foundation’s goals and objectives; and one that has made a significant donation in the form of a grant or other type of contribution. PINASOL foundation   relies on a broad and diverse set of collaborative relationships and partnerships in all parts of the world to pursue its mission and implement its programmes.

 We work closely with a wide range of partners, companies, individuals and academic institutions in order to deliver the best possible services to children in Ghana  



OUR Objective to work closely with other partners and government agencies was one of the goals we have embarked on to give to the vulnerable children, women and the youth the best they deserve.

We signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with World Vision in the implementation of Village Savings and Loans Associations Programme in ten communities in the Sekyere East District. Under this project, a group of 15 to 30 members meet and save regularly to accumulate loan fund from which members can borrow and pay back with interest. The membership in VSLA groups is self-selected.

Members build their fund through weekly minimum saving contribution.  Members are allowed to save up to five times the minimum share price.  After about one year, the savings together with the interest is shared among members according to how much they saved. The aim is that, lump sum received at share-out would be used by members to meet various needs.
It will also help them avoid some of the problems they go through when they need money and have to access credit from the formal financial institution.


  • To ensure easy access to financial services in rural communities
  • To promote the culture of savings among group members.
  • To help the members to meet basic household consumption needs


  • It is expected the project will facilitate and empower 30 groups to build financial assets and skills through internally generated funds.
  • It is also expected that the project will help them expand their income generating activities thereby meeting their basic household needs.
  • It will empower the groups to develop proper financial habits and accumulate assets.
  • It is also expected to improve the capacity of VSLA members to meet requirements like medical and education
  • In addition, it is expected to improve the capacity and social networks of VSLA members to take up leadership roles in the community level



World Vision Ghana



A sponsor is an individual, a group or organization that has expressed interest in our mission and has donated, in cash or in kind, an amount of $500 or more.

List Of Names Of Contributors To Our Projects

We Would Like To Thank The Following People For Their Financial Contributions Towards The Pinasol Foundation In The Last Seven Years. August 2020 Is 7 Years Of Dedicate Service To Reach The Most Vulnerable Children.

Child And Family Sponsorship

  • David & Sue Mckinney – USA
  • Jo Baxter(Mary Pannel) – UK
  • Francis Adusei Opoku – UK
  • Ester Amofa Afriyie – UK
  • Joachim Schumacher – GERMANY
  • Randy Boyd – USA
  • Mr Frank Boatey Boateng – GHANA
  • Helena Bonah – UK
  • Apostle Wayne Clapp – USA
  • Apostle Bernard Mccain – USA
  • Felicia Bone – USA
  • Damon Deaton – USA
  • Yaa Nyarko Mabel – UK
  • Rev Kojo Kudolo – FRANCE
  • Joachim Schumacher – Germany
  • Damon Deaton – USA
  • Bishop Enock Oppong Baffour – Netherlands
  • Carol A Fambro – USA
  • Kofi Nyarko – GHANA
  • Robin Ashley – U.S.A
  • Saeed Agyemang – GHANA
  • Daniel Crockett – USA
  • Godfred Adusei – UK
  • Maame Akua Nyarko – GHANA
  • Henry St Pierre – USA
  • Yaa Nyarko Mabel UK
  • Gabriel Gyimah – UK
  • Esther Agyeiwaa – UK
  • Felicia Bone – USA
  • Mr Godfred Adusei – UK

Business Set Up


Esther Agyeiwaa

Health Project

  1. Mr Frank Boatey Boateng
  2. Joachim Schumacher
  3. Felicia Bone 
  4. Deborah Robinson

Gift In Kind

  1. Dacosta Owusu – UK
  2. Dr And Mrs Sefa USA
  3. Maame Akua
  4. Lawrence Oppong

Building Project

  1. Mr Adomako Tawiah
  2. Apostle Bernard Mccain – U.S.A
  3. Pastor Damon Deaton USA
  4. Randy Boyd – USA
  5. Joachim Scumacher – Germany
  6. Apostle Wayne Clapp – USA

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

We are also looking for those who would be interested in building schools, colleges, hospitals, factories or churches. If you are interested in locating a business in Ghana; such as, a farm, agricultural business, manufacturing, mining, financial or any other productive business; please contact us.