We are proud that, in December 2013, we were awarded a Certificate of Recognition
for “social services to humanity and mankind” from the Sekyere East District
in the Ashanti Region. Please accept a special THANK YOU
to all those who contributed.

Current Projects

Skills Training for Teen Mums

10 teenage mothers will be trained in Fashion Design & Dressmaking or Bread & Pastry Making in Bouya, Effiduase and Asokore. In two years’ time the trainees obtained employment or started their own business, lifting themselves and their families out of...

Dream Discovery and Career Guidance Fair

Dream Discovery and Career Guidance Fair During the month of June, the PINASOL Foundation, with the sponsorship of World Vision, was busy conducting it’s second annual Dream Discovery and Career Guidance Fair. This was a series of seminars and workshops for junior...

Climate-smart Agriculture

One hundred farmer families and women groups will increase the production of their staple crop in a climate-friendly way, have access to markets with 20,000 consumers, and contribute to free school meal programmes. Local solution PINASOL will train 100 farming...

Child/family sponsorship

Project goal
Child sponsorship is a program which seeks to provide financial and material support to families and children to have access to food, education and cloths and shelter for the child wellbeing.

Focus areas are

  1. Food security and family resilience
  2. Water Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH)
  3. Spiritual nurturing of children
  4. Community empowerment and poverty alleviation
  5. Access to health care



  1. A minimum of $20 a month per child to the project is required
  2. 50% of the sponsorship fund goes directly to the child for his/her basic needs
  3. 50% accumulated fund goes into projects that affects the community which the child is vulnerable to like water, school, access to health, toilet etc. This 50% accumulated fund project benefit other children in the community who are not registered.
  4. Special donations in the form of gift which is different from point (2) beyond $100, 70% of the donation goes to the registered child and 30% of the donation goes directly to the programmes in the community to reduce vulnerability of the children.


Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) -Clean Water Project

  1. To help the leaders and communities to know that God cares about their WASH related challenges.
  2. To provide basic WASH information and facts.
  3. To encourage concrete behavior change actions that will lead to community transformation
  4. Provision of clean drinking water for deprived communities and schools.

Informal Sector Training and Vocational Education

Objective: To provide quality basic education to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) through establishment of training centers for skills upgrading.
The project also seeks to coordinate the activities of the informal sector.
Currently, we are working with National Vocational Training Institute to provide entrepreneurial and skills training to the informal sectors.
These sectors are hairdressing, masonry, carpentry, car body works, electricians ETC.
More than 100 master craftsmen and women have benefited from this training and have been awarded master crafts certificates from N.V.T.I.


Agriculture, Food Security and Agribusiness

Pinasol Foundation’s food security and agricultural programs respond to the needs of rural farmers, enabling them to improve their skills and increase their productivity through access to information and modern technology.
Our priorities focus on crop productivity, diversification, food processing and marketing as a means to increase household food security and raise household incomes.
We also seek to promote enhanced family nutrition.
Projects provide: capacity building and organizational formation, credit to farmers, small-scale business training, improved seeds and tools, training in improved production techniques, post-harvest storage and food processing, and nutrition training.
We also seek to provide farmers with enhanced local, cross-border, and international market linkages. Pinasol has traditionally worked with farmer groups, cooperatives, and especially with women’s groups.
We establish farms to provide employment by producing crops such as mushrooms, maize, cassava, plantains, etc. in addition to poultry farming. We also teach the rural farmers with best practices to produce good yields. The Food Security and Agribusiness project addresses Sustainable development goals, 1, 2,3,8, 11

No Poverty – The project will help reduce poverty by increasing the incomes of farming families. It is no doubt the contribution of farming families to the general food security of the world. This project will increase the productivity of the farmers and help them to run their project as a business, thereby increasing their incomes.

Zero Hunger – The capacity building for farming families within this project will help increase their food production using best practices. This will increase the food produced by the farmers. The project also sensitize and train the farmers on nutritious consumption. The nutritious consumption will lead to better health and wellbeing for the farming families in goal 3.

Economic growth – training and supporting farming families to increase their productivity and linking them to institutional buyers and medium income consumers will directly increase the incomes of farmers by more than 50% at the least.

Climate Action: An integral part of the capacity building is to train the farmers to be aware of climate change issues and prepare their enterprises and themselves to take action to increase their resilience. The farming families will be trained to manage their water, utilize their waste, plant and protect trees among others. This will increase climate resilience for the farming families

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