• Watching a child grow into a mature, pro­ductive, responsible, young adult.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you have played a big role in this child’s life.
  • Doing this without all the day-to-day re­spon­sibilities of parenting.
  • Sponsoring a child with the Pinasol Foundation. It will be a gratifying experience

Our mission is to help poor children. Many of them are bright and dream of getting an education and a career that will better their position in life. Your sponsorship will make one child very happy and that can make all the difference in the world.
You will find it gratifying to monitor his/her progress through the letters you will receive and to hear the excitement in the child’s voice, if you choose to make phone calls.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

We are also looking for those who would be interested in building schools, colleges, hospitals, factories or churches. If you are interested in locating a business in Ghana; such as, a farm, agricultural business, manufacturing, mining, financial or any other productive business; please contact us.