We are seeking people who are interested in missions, reaching out to lost souls and those who believe in rescuing the perishing. All individuals, churches, donors, philanthropists, clubs, groups and organizations are welcome. It makes no difference who you are or where you come from: You are welcome to join us!
You can be part of this vision by completing the contact form here.
You can support, donate, choose a project or adopt a child. This is not a one person vision. It takes you working with us to fulfil this great commission. So, be proud of being a blessing to others through this foundation. God will bless you, your family and your business!
We are also looking for those who would be interested in building schools, colleges, hospitals, factories or churches. If you are interested in locating a business in Ghana; such as, a farm, agricultural business, manufacturing, mining, financial or any other productive business; please contact us. We can assist you with finding workers, selecting the best location and finding very affordable property. Any serious minded organization should contact us. God bless you for joining us.
PINASOL Foundation,
P.O Box 265,
Effiduasi Ashanti
Email. pastorasiamah@pinasol.net
Tel. +233 2437 575 23
+233 503111501
Randy Boyd
611 Moore Street Bristol, VA 24201, U.S.A
Email: randyb@pinasol.net
Tel: +1 276-206-9913
Joachim Schumacher
Hübichweg 36
37539 Bad Grund
Email: schumacher-joachim@t-online.de
Tel : (+49)1719994656
Email: fcc.canyon01@gmail.com
Tel: +18066543396
Francis Adusei Opoku
9 Withies Road Hamphire PO130EL
EMAIL: Opoku2002@yahoo.com
TEL : +44 798-471-8757

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